The Indispensable Quality


Mutlu Metal is manufacturer of stainless steel and bakelite handles for stainless steel, enamel and aluminium cookware. Mutlu is specialized in cookware sector over 40 years. We produce handle for stainless steel, enameled and aluminium pot, casserole, pressure cooker, frypan, milk pot, coffee and teapot and heater for many leading companies in cookware sector. 85% of our production is exported to mainly Europe, to biggest companies in Germany, USA and Middle East. Besides abroad customers, we cooperate with many professional local companies in Turkiye as well. Mutlu Metal has been integrated our well known brand with quality and leading the sector. We have ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 14001 Enviromental Manegement System Certifiate, ISO 45001 Occupational Healthand Safety Certificate. Mutlu Metal’s factory has 9.000 square meters closed and 3.650 square meters open area in İzmir, Yazibasi.

Production Capacity
Stainless Steel Products: 750 Tons /Year
– 5.000.000 PCS /Year

Mutlu Metal




  • Don’t leave integrity and goodwill!
  • Keep your promise!
  • Do your best!
  • Learn from your mistakes!
  • Be patient,




Our main goal is to be successfull in everyfieldweattemptto do business in.
- To be recognized by the leading companies in the world.
- To develop at the speed of technology.
- To be able to provide customers with quality products above their expectancies.
- To keep employees and customers happy by giving them the respect they deserve.
- To be a company that is beneficial to its country as well as society as a whole.


To provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices and to ship those products out to them at top speed.

To develop profit ably and constantly and tonic raise quality of life for all who are involved with us.



Quality Management System.

Mutlu aims to;
Make continuous improvement with quality management system by fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001 :2015, ISO 14001 :2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standarts.


As a Mutlu Metal,

Mutlu Metal which located in Torbalı- Yazıbaşı and Mutlu Marin which located in Kısıkköy Branch defines its activity based on integrated management system’s standarts. Mutlu Metal produces side handles, subsidiary products accesories for stainless steel kitchen equipments, glassware and marine products and produces mold and aparatus for the producing of this items.

·       We guarantee to do our parts about protecting nature and environment by implement local and international legal and other regulations.

·       We guarantee to eliminate natural hazards on the our activities and take precautions to prevent contamination by on ıt’s sources.

·       We guarantee  to use of raw material, energy and other natural resourses efficiently for protecting ecological value by adapting conscious business model.

·       We guarantee to create and improve a ecological conscious for all our employes, partners and anyone who we are interact with around our socio cultural circle.

·       We guarantee to accept  continious improvement as a social duty and  act to be aware of that we borrow today’s World from our children.


 As a Mutlu Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

  • We guarantee to prevent every kind of injuries and health hazards by taking actions for safe and healty enviroment with first human and human’s health  philosophy.
  • We guarantee to reduce occupational accident according to previous year by taking precaution for occupational safety.
  • We guarantee to eliminate danger and reduce risk of health and safety during process.
  • We guarantee to encourage participation to employee and employee represantatives for OHS training and decision process.
  • We guarantee to keep safety and healty all of our guest, employee, customers, supplier.
  • We guarantee to establish an working environment that is based on mutual health and safety,  following  internatıonal and natıonal regulatıons and rules, adapting continuous improvent under the system of Occupatıonal Health Safety as a Mutlu Metal and Mutlu Metal’s employes.




As a Mutlu Metal San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

·      We guarantee to fulfill continuous improvement regarding by ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

·      We guarantee to support creative and inovational approach  with all employee to provide progress for company.

·      We guarantee to perpetuate to customers satisfaction by coorporate relations with  mutual trust and based on respect

·      We guarantee to follow and implement technological development in the business.

·      We guarantee to provide profitability to our customers by adding value to products during production.

·      We guarantee to follow customer’s wish, natıonal and ınternatıonal standarts, legal regulations and ethics value.